May 20, 2011

Golden and Silver Falls

Gerry, Mary, Lisa and I took a trip to Golden and Silver Falls today.

Silver Falls
Wildflowers were just coming into bloom.

May 18, 2011

Up the coast for minus tide

Super low tide -2' early this morning set me on a mission to report on my Coast Watch adopted mile.
The intertidal was outstanding and the water exceptionally clear. Ochre seastars were chowing on mussels.
This sea lemon caught my eye.

I stopped off at Neptune after that. The lupine is blooming nicely.
North Neptune has some lovely pools.

I was reminded how much I love the Oregon  coast.

May 15, 2011

Waxmyrtle and Lagoon Trails

Lisa, Mary and Gerry Misemer and I walked the Waxmyrtle Trail at Siltcoos Outlet. It was very birdy. Western Tananger, Black-headed Grosbeak and Semipalmated Plover were among highlights.

Lagoon Trail produced an Olive-sided Flycatcher and a Western Wood Peewee. The native rhododendrons are just coming into bloom.

May 2, 2011

Sleeping Giant Hike

I love this hike, it is mostly in the forest and part of it is giant Norfolk Island Pines
The view from the top looking east.
Another view looking south.
The giant's head and the mouth of the Wailua River.