March 26, 2011

Sweet Creek Falls Hike

Here we are at the Homestead Trailhead 10 miles up Sweet Creek Road. Left to right, Tom, Mike, Monica, Jane and Marilyn. 

                    We are a little wetter now, at Sweet Creek Falls.
    We saw the Water Ouzel or Dipper several times. They are commonly seen bobbing on the rocks or foraging underwater using their wings to propel themselves. We hoped to see some nesting activity but were only able to pick out last years nests.

March 19, 2011

Walk at Alton Baker Park

          The weather allowed a nice walk in the park with Monica and Mike

 The  Willamette was quite high and rushing. There were Great Blue Herons nesting in some of the big deciduous trees. Some were feeding chicks.
On the bridge of life together.