April 25, 2010

Siltcoos Outlet Hike

Rio, Mary's dog poses with floats near the beach

Beach Vetch in bloom amidst the beachgrass

Friday Riding

First nice day all week, Men and I went for a ride

Lookin' good in the harbor

The Parkway has a Dunal Lake

April 18, 2010

Dune Tour

Bear was definitely the star of the ODNRA dune tour 

the working group took on friday

April 11, 2010

Cape Perpetua Hike

Adele & Monica at the end of the Big Spruce Trail

Can you grasp the size of this tree?

Corydalis in bloom along the trail

Mike overlooking Neptune State Park

April 7, 2010

Sweet Creek Hike

Lisa and I went to Sweet Creek today

the Skunk Cabbage and the Fawn Lilies are still blooming

the weather was perfect, after many rainy days

a new memorial plaque to honor the trail builder

On the way home we saw a cyclist that demanded