April 26, 2009

Spring Blossoms

Clematis montana rubens

Viburnum carlesii (Korean Spice Bush)

King Apple blossoms

Mitcho has been taking pics again

April 19, 2009

Garden in April

A birdseye view of the garden

Mitcho took from on the roof

North-fork of the Smith River

What a perfect day for Cynthia, Mary and I in our favorite forest

Trillium were everywhere!

A wild ginger flower is not easy to see

April 11, 2009

South Slough/ Cape Arago

The Skunk Cabbage was peak

Who would have thought, all this would come out of the muck!

Simpson Beach, a very private cove

April 3, 2009

Sweet Creek

The catwalk along the gorge

One of the last Trillium Flowers of the season

Ball of Moss, lower right is Water Ouzel nest

We saw them feeding chicks

Skunk Cabbage still looking good

Fawn Lilies in peak bloom

Fawn Lilies with chocolate mottled foliage